Open Multiple URL
What is

Open Multiple URL

Now open multiple URLs simultaneously with this this free web tools. It supports key web browsers such as IE, Chrome, opera and Firefox. Forget the manual mode of doing it - simply use the multi url opener to open the links all at once with a single click.

How to use this tool?

A one-click solution to open multiple url in a different tab with ease. Only add the URLs in the form, just click Submit, and here you go.  But, remember in one go you can only add a maximum of 20 URLs. This quick tool ensures that order of domains does not hamper i.e. it opens exactly in the same flow in which you enlist in the text section. You can define it as a time-savvy tool.  

Wondering what other specialities this multiple URLs opening includes? Apart from helping you open 20 URLs at a time, saving time, it also assists in search engine optimization for different on the page and off page activities implementation. For Webmasters, it can be defined as an interesting as well as an efficient tool. Using this Open Multiple URL, they can work on several domains at the same time in a hassle-free manner. It is a quite quick process and simple & straightforward too. It has also made handling off page optimization implementation activities demanding similar information sharing on several domains considerably fast. So, use this interesting tool to open more than one or two URLs simultaneously via a single click.


Some browser may have a popup blocker enabled, or limited number of web pages opened at single time.

For this,

Turn off the pop-up blocker for, or go to the browser's advanced setting (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and allow multiple url opening at single click.

Does not collect any personal information of any individually.